Hingework is a Photography business And Co-working Space based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

I fell in love with Photography while walking through Zurich, Switzerland in 2003 armed with a camera that I had purchased just hours before boarding the plane to make that trip.  Telling stories with my photos is the fulfillment of a dream that began on those streets near the Limmat River.  

I love to capture connections:  parents watching their daughter marry the man of her dreams,  a bride looking into the eyes of the man that she knows is the one, grandparents surrounded by the loved ones that are their legacy,  children laughing as they play in the backyard of the home they love,  a mother holding her 8 day old twins. This is what I love to do.

I spent my first 5 years out of college working in the corporate world.  During that time I dreamed of starting a consulting business that would help business develop business leaders.  The coaching side of Hingework is the fulfillment of that dream.  The coaching work that I do is about the heart.  It is about connection.  I help entrepreneurs and creatives to impact the world by leading from their hearts.


Mark Buckwalter lives with his wife Heather and their 5 children in an old farmhouse in the Southern End of Lancaster County.  He loves coffee on the porch with his wife, riding his motorcycle and watching his children play around the farm where they live.




We would love to connect with you.  

Mark Buckwalter