the pause.

What are you gonna do with your weekend? Why?

This morning I was gonna drive an hour or two and take care of some shopping for the business or plop down in front of my screen to do some editing that needs to be done sometime in the next 3 weeks.  Instead I decided to take a pause.

I remember my friend David Lee talking about how at his company they value the pause.  A time to sit back and look and listen and allow space for something to unfold.  Perspective, a slight redirection, rest, a moment for key relationship to be put into place.  Pause.  For something. Allow it to unfold.  I was reading a post by Seth Godin a few weeks ago and he was writing innocently enough about various kinds of laziness when he unleashed this little gem:

Or consider the simple laziness of not being willing to sit with uncertainty..

Today as I prepared to rush into my day I decided to pause.  In the pause I realized that the things that felt most important about my day are actually things that can and should wait until another day.  They need to be tackled but if I would have rushed into them I would have missed the things that are most important about this day.  So I embraced the pause.  I sat with uncertainty for an hour or two,  and this is what I found:

My children came across the campfire from last night that was still smoldering and invested 45 breathing life back into it.

My wife and I talked about options for the day and ended up deciding to create space to connect with a couple that we love later this afternoon.

I walked around the property and watched the light move across the garden and the porch.

I got my camera out and got a shot of my oldest daughter and my wife wrapped up in summertime life.

I realized that it is important for me to write.  So I am writing this.

I sat with my oldest son and listened to him as he recited the laundry list of items that we need for our camping trip in 10 days.

I deleted instagram off of my phone and fought off the urge to reload it and post a perfectly styled image of my morning because I am tired of seeing other peoples perfectness and being distracted by it.

I sat down in the midst of this life that I am incredibly blessed with and soaked in it instead of running away from it.

Now I am off to market with a few of my kids in search of some food for the lunch guests that are joining us a result of the morning pause.  

So, as you head into your weekend embrace the pause, there are good things waiting to unfold.