Family Portraits with Guy and Emily. More people to Love.

Guy and Emily contacted us earlier this summer about family photos.  I was immediately excited about the chance to connect with them.  Emily follows Heathers blog and was drawn to some of the images of our children playing on their bikes around the farm where we live.  Guy and Emily have 5 daughters including 2 year old triplets.  She loved the idea of photographing her family in their element as they spend time in their backyard on a typical summer night.  

We had a sweet time with Guy and Emily getting to hear more of their story and learning to know them as we photographed them being who they are in the back yard at their house.  Guy shared with me the story of how Emily gently informed him that she was pregnant with not one but three babies!  I was curious about how Guy responded to the news.  "Emily, if our biggest problem in life is that we have too many people to give love to, I think were doing alright."  

An awesome response from a man who had just graduated from being a father of two daughters to five practically overnight.  Heather and I loved photographing this clan.  And we love the way that affection flows in this family.  Guy and Emily clearly love each other and they do a great job carrying that love to their daughters.  We had a sweet time together.

 Here are some of our favorites from the session.  I love these images because I photographed Guy and Emily and their family the same way that I photograph mine.  I hope you enjoy these images.  This is how we do family portraits.