Monday Morning: What does yours look like?

Monday morning.  What does yours look like?  It seems like it is an interesting barometer of our hearts.  Do I wake up excited about what is in front of me?  Am I dreading another week doing something I hate?  Do I want to run head first into the opportunities that are there?  Am I hiding? Do I have to put on a mask and head back into the office?  What thoughts are filling my mind?  What is winning the battle in my mind?  Fear?  Worry? Impatience? Love? Kindness? Hope? Dreams? 

Regardless of how you answer this question on Monday morning - it seems like a good question to ask.  I can remember years ago when I first started coaching business owners.  No one wanted to meet on Monday mornings so, I would walk around the city of Lancaster praying and observing.  One of the things that struck me was how unhappy everyone seemed as they plowed into their weeks.  It didn't feel right to me then and it still doesn't now.  I wish I didn't battle it myself.  But I do.  Recently I have realized how many times I say no to my wife and children because I am feeling a pressure that seems real but has no substance to it.  Do I really not have 7 extra minutes in my day to walk with my children to the bus stop?  Is that really going to make me late or am I just giving into something that is distracting me from the very things that I value the most?   

I think one of the things that has  been helpful for me is to recognize the temptation to shut down my heart and get to work.   Once I realized that battle was there I could begin to look at my life and my Monday's in a different way.  I began to consider the significance of how I began my weeks.  Times like these have a way of exposing how much we really trust and believe in the things that we say we do.

So, what does it look like for you on Monday morning?  Is there a difference?  Do people notice?  What does your staff, your team, your clients, your vendors and those that you are rubbing shoulders with receive from you on Monday morning?  How about your family?  

Are you gritting your teeth and complaining about how the weekend is over?  Are you taking time to hear about the peoples lives around you?  Or are you slurping down a cup of coffee and flailing into another 50 hours of treadmill performance?

I wonder what God thinks when He looks down at Lancaster County on a Monday morning.  Is there a difference?  Does he see people whose actions on Monday morning are consistent with what is in their hearts for their lives?  And for Him?  As you head into this work week it might be worth asking God what part of your Monday morning routine he wants to invade.