Spring is Here!

Today is the first day of Spring!  Finally.  The arrival of spring is probably the most anticipated of all seasonal changes that we go through.  Unless of course you are a #PSL autumn person, but that is another post for another day:)  Perhaps that fact that it is so anticipated is what makes its delayed arrival so irritating to us.  I am watching 3-6 inches of snow fall from the sky as I celebrate the arrival of this new season.  I have been waiting and watching for it.  Hoping that it would arrive and that it would arrive on time.

I was reading through my journal from last year this week and I was reminded of something that I wrote last year as yet another snowstorm continued to blast us even though February was long gone.  "This storm is simply an indicator of the season that you are coming out of - it is not a harbinger of the one that you are entering into."  It is important to remember this as we are preparing our hearts for what is next.  Sometimes we can get stuck with things that are behind us instead of focusing on the good things that are in our midst and the great things that are right ahead.  

I remember sharing at the First Lancaster Gathering this year that it was important to be focusing on what was out the windshield and not what was in the rearview mirror.  I feel like God was reminding me of that today as I consider this week and the arrival of spring in the midst of snowflakes flying.  This snow is not going to last and the beauty of spring is going to come forth.  As it does I want to be leaning into the newness of spring;  not meditating on the bitter cold of winter.  It is time for a new season.  Enjoy it and know that there are good things coming.  Spring is here!