a dream come true.

For the last 3 or 4 years I have been dreaming of developing a space in Lancaster that would be a home for creatives and entrepreneurs. About a year ago Kevin Hurst and Ryan Weaver and I began talking more about the idea of creating a headquarters for Revolution Builders that would also be a home for Hingework and a community for creatives.  In late March the 3 of us walked through a building on Mulberry Street in Lancaster.  In April two more friends, Jeremy Peifer and Caitlyn Snyder, joined the team and the vision for the building took shape.   In late September the 5 of us purchased the old cigar box factory on Mulberry Street in Lancaster and began the process of transforming it.   We will be unveiling the Hingework portion of the project in the next few weeks and we are excited to show it to you.  It will be home to an incredible group of young creatives.  In the meantime I wanted to share some images of the process.  Enjoy the photos and have an awesome weekend!